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Get Yourself A New Career

Deciding to embark upon a new career is a tough decision for anyone to take, after all, your livlihood is at stake! Here at career world, we are always interested in finding out about different sorts of jobs which you could embark upon. We think that becoming a private investigator uk is a fascinating career which could take you around the world and beyond! Everyone wants a career they can be proud of, and being a private investigator would certainly set you on a different path to everybody else!
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Medical Trauma and Legal Advice

When we are being looked after either in hospital or other care enviornment, we expect to be treated fairly, with dignity and without risk of further injury or illness becoming us. If you or someone you know has been affected by serious medical negligence, there is something you can do! We recommend seeking the advice of tissue viability expert witness to help guide you through the traumatic process of claiming back the compensation you so rightly deserve. Always seek the advice of a trusted and reputable company, and ensure you get the issue sorted before others can also be harmed.
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Avenging Angel Places A Woman At The Top

One of my joys at the moment is catching up with some of the cult tv from the 1960s – one particular show is the Avengers.  Filmed throughout the 1960s and ending a decade later, today it is absolutely fabulous fun.  Having purchased the two series with the delightful Mrs….

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Finding The Route To Career Information Is The Key

The world of work and careers is moving on very rapidly.  Gone are the days of just getting through senior school with a handful of GCSEs on a wing and a prayer.  Today all youngsters enter upper school and are encouraged from the off to choose their options so they…

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How Career Paths Have Moved On

When my generation was entering the job market in the 1970s, there was only one route needed.  Using the right skills, garnered through various routes at school, you only had to talk to the careers office, check the local paper, or know someone’s dad, and job interviews were two a…

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Career & Job Websites Set The Goals Higher

It does seem a very long time since I had to apply for a real job.  The sort of job that would actually pay a salary and offer scope for advancement up the ladder to nearly important status.  In my day, in the last century (ho ho), the best schools…

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Knowing A Career Path Can Save Heartache

There was a time when you could go through school, stay out of trouble, get to the th or 5th year and after a consultation with the careers teacher, come out with some idea of what you would really like to do as a career option.  This was in the…

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Careers Are Open To All – With Forward Planning

There are so many different courses available at school these days – unlike in the middle of the last century – and that sounds very odd to hear it put like that! – the choices were not made at school but more as a result of the route you went…

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How To Raise Enthusiasm For A Career Path

If anticipated joy can’t and enthusiasm be your instructions, so what can be? Well, you can start by selecting a profession that suits well together with beliefs and your skills. Because you have some feeling of what these are (ideally), this can be a great starting location. But a little…

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Starting On The Career Rung Needs Guidance

Time was when young folk just went to school at 5 years old.  Very few children born in the 1950s went to nursery or playschool especially if Mum was at home.  Working Mums needing these daycare faciities were far far fewer.    After infants we went up to junior school…

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Getting Careers Underway Needs Expert Guidance

It is just so long since my final year at school.  Generations of children thoughout the land would have relied on the school for careers advice and help with making their important job choice and finding the place to qualify for that job.  Those who were not going on to…

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Good School Advice Can Foster Great Legal Career Choices

When the careers teacher came around in my fourth year at school and asked, without expectation of hearing anything at all revolutionary or startling asking “and what do you see yourself doing as a career . . . .” She was greeted with equal amounts of surprise and slight indignation. …