Apprenticeships Can Be The Real Makings Of A Career For Life

Jobs used to be so easy to get in the ‘good old days’ .  For instance when I left school in the 1970s, my friends and I had not been given the chance or encouragement to go to higher levels of education, and going to university was completely out of the question amid my peer group.   No, the job of a lass at that time was to get married and have children and look after the menfolk – wehter we liked it or not.

These days it is completely different and the course of action incudes almost mandatory university, whether it is a suitable option for each candidate or not.  Vocational courses are becoming more available, as are the wonderful things that are apprenticeships, which incude on the job training for the most part together with a structured day course at the local college as part of the job training.  Thre are agencies throughout the country that deal with apprecticeship placements and it is worthwhile considering – a career for life.