How Career Paths Have Moved On

When my generation was entering the job market in the 1970s, there was only one route needed.  Using the right skills, garnered through various routes at school, you only had to talk to the careers office, check the local paper, or know someone’s dad, and job interviews were two a penny.  We didn’t experience any shortage of vacancies for trainees to learn the skills of engineering, technician, labouring etc. etc.  And for the lasses, those shorthand and typing lessons chosen instead of science or humanities would always come in useful and many a budding PA or personal secretary started her career from there.

Today it is much more difficult.  Recruitment agencies have now got an industry of their own as work has changed dramatically.  School students are bullied into entering university – even if it isn’t their best option. There is a good way to find a career for life –  engage with an agency with experience to help find your best routes, even better whilst you are still at school.