Careers Available For Every Child Despite Background

When I was meeting a relative in London recently, having not seen each other for years, we decided to meet under the clock at Waterloo station.  I was amazed to find any trains were running – bearing in mind it was Easter Sunday and the much publicised train union strike was due to disrupt journeys.  The train manager greeted us brightly, and very cheerfully,helpfully reading out all the stations he expected to stop at en route to Waterloo.  In my youth, being a train driver was one career especially mentioned as a top choice for little boys – that and bus driver, postman, fireman, policeman etc.   You can see where this is going.  No one in my immediate school group would have dared suggest being a solicitor or doctor.  These days careers are open to absolutely every child, whatever their background.  Hard work and skills to learn are all that is required.