Celebrating The Joy Of Serving Others

I have found it quite fascinating in one or two stores in my area – there are the usual choice of high end and very low end – with one or two middlings.   The way they treat their staff is often very obvious when you shop on a busy day.   I do prefer to shop at the high end – I’ve found they seem to employ much more polite staff.  In both cases the stores make a policy of engaging seniors and these ‘partners’ really do give friendly service;  they don’t resent having to serve others and seem genuinely thrilled to have this opportunity to be out in the work place.  One chap had worked in a foundry for most of his life and now widowed, he really loves being back out amongst people.  This could be a lesson for the younger generation – appreciating opportunities as they arise and really putting heart and soul into the job for both themselves and those they serve.