Choosing Correct Os and As For Job Of Your Dreams

There is always a problem with recruiting and retaining nurses, midwives and doctors nationally.  That seems to have been the situation for at least the last 30 years.  When I was young, the choices for school leavers was much simpler than today – if you weren’t bright enough to go to grammer school and then on to university, then girls could apply to nursing school and if accepted, would be trained in the hospital nurse training school, with ward time as a major element in each term and particularly the pass or fail depended entirely on how nurse managed on the ward.

The boys would be able to choose from lorry, train or bus driver.  If very posh, being a pilot was a truly magnificent job for a son.  Today’s youngsters have the world at their feet and can try for absolutely any career, so long as they seek advice and take the right O and A levels at school first.