Company Secretary Career Worth Investigating

There are many career paths a student can consider.  Some will lead to modern new era jobs and these days we won’t always be considering a career for life.  However there are still some that have contributed to the stability of this country and will remain forever respected and worthy of a lifetime of service.  Solicitor is one such – one aspect is being an adviser in a condidential capacity on a range of matters.  Local government and courts services require their own solicitors too.  A company secretary is a much overlooked role – they ensure that directors follow the company law and financial regulations laid down and it can be a most satisfying and rewarding life long career path. You can become a company secretary via a university or college course, an apprenticeship or traiing with a professional body.  For the university route you need a relevant degree in say business, law, accountancy or public administration and relevat business experience in perhaps pensions or insurance; personnel; accounts and credit control or other form of office management.  This gives the basis of company experience to begin with.