Don’t Overlook Career For Lack Of Knowledge

When you at school thinking at future careers, you often overlook something because of lack of knowledge.  For my generation the choices that flooded the mind when asked “what are you going to be when you grow up” generally wavered between typist, secretary, nurse, nanny.  I would never have thought of saying teacher or doctor.  That is primarily because I didn’t have a family role model in those professions and I know that my life long interest in secretarial work was a good choice.  I followed my mother into this line, in face she got me my first job, in the days before recruitment needed competition and interviews.   Today the careers office at school has to be armed with information about absoluely any career – the legal side of life is very popular with more students taking law degrees than medicine now.  Getting a training contract whilst still at university is easier with the right information and preparation.