Encouraging Youngsters To Big Up Their Achievements

There have been some grumblings going on at my local gym.  I’m no surprised because the owners do seem a bit lax in their treatment of the premises, their livlihood and more worrying, how they treat their younger staff members.  I like to go down there in the afternoons after a good morning at the office.  It suits me to do a couple of circuits and treadmill.  There’s a young person who mans the place after school for the owners.  I know they don’t pay her much – probably not even the minimum wage.  For her to get another job whilst she’s still at school is difficult and not something I would recommend.  I’ve tried to encourage her to look at her ‘cv’ and be able to put her experiences on there.  Working at a gym requires some confidence, an ability to communicate with others, usually adults.  I’ve pointed out this will help her to get that better job.