Engaging The Right Candidate Takes Know How

Not everybody benefits from taking up a place at university.  This is becoming obvious now after a couple of generations of schools almost forcing every child to feel they’ll lose out if they don’t go.  After years of over supply to the jobs market, it’s very difficult for a prospect candidate to make themselves stand out above the thirty or so others vying for the same post.  I know this is true as a small company very well known to me has been trying to engage a junior admin person.  they used a well known employment platform and within seconds of the posting, hundreds of interested replies flooded in.  The job description was very specific, but that didn’t stop everyone with even the most basic of those needs from applying – to sort the chaff from the wheat took a great deal of time for the trained HR manager.   It was tragic to read he desperatation in some of the applications – degrees going under used left right and centre.