Exam Cheats Face Catastrophic Fall From Grace

With the job market always under tremendous pressure, it is critical to prospective employers to know that any candidate is who they say they are, have appropriate qualifications if stipulated, and have not cheated in their exams, at any time.   There have been many many stories in the popular press about huge numbers of students who are cheating in exams – I must be a bit slow because from the examination experience I have, I cannot imagine how one goes about cheating in the firs place!  But joking aside, there is surely nothing more annoying for any candidate than to lose out on a job to another, only to find out they had cheated in some part of the application criteria.  Honesty always pays. When someone is found out after starting with a firm, this is generally classed as gross misconduct and usually punished with instant dismissal, no ifs, no buts.