Fail To Prepare – Prepare To Fail. It’s All So True

When you want to get into the legal profession, it’s not like other jobs where you can see an ad and just apply whether you have experience or not.  It is so very carefully controlled and vacancies only occur when someone moves on or the firm does expand.  Being ready though with your CV to date should you be lucky and get an interview opportunity.  This may seem obvious or not required if you’re on first placement but every experience counts so start one with your work experience, Saturday and holiday employment.  Any responsiblities you undertook and succeeded at need highlighting here.  This will pinpoint you as an achiver and confident to undertake challenges.   You know that failing to prepare can mean failure.  So, thoroughly research the firm and all people you’re likely to meet.  Most candidates reportedly fail because they show little interest in this aspect.  Also if you’re on a recruiter’s list, they should coach you with mock interviews to brush up your technique and confidence.