Family Appreciates True Professionalism

As a family we have recently come into contact with a whole gammit of professionals for whom we collectively have the greatest respect.  We now have even more, for the last remaining grandparent passed away just before the festive break.   It was all so sudden – after years of quietly slippng away from us in real terms because of dementia, a couple of minor heart attacks brought grandpa to needing hospital admittance for ‘observation’.  It was soon established that things had moved on and after some initial struggle, he gave in and slipped away so quietly we didn’t notice for a while.  This is when we really appreciated the skills of several professionals in a way we’d not thought about before.  The young doctor, house registrar, who came and so gently carried out tests to confirm expiration had in fact taken place.  Then the nice young solicitor who quietly and efficiently checked over the salient points of the will, asking only what was absoluely essential.  After checking the facts, he advised on the usual run of things and what to expect next etc.  On next to the funeral director and the same quiet, calm efficiency calmed a couple of tearful episodes and brought us back into control.  Hurrah for all these wonderful people – such good adverts for their professions.