Finding That Plum Position Via Work Experience

This is the time of the school year for students to engage in work experience.  The period after the gcse ‘o’ levels finish, leading up to the end of term.  Students are placed through the school on one or two weeks of work experience with a local company.  If it was done properly the student is enthused enough to choose the sort of work they want to try – with a view to entering that as a career.  Companies kind enough to undertake this can eithe rcontact schools or wait to be approached by the staff.    I’s not easy for the student, the school or the company, but it is a whole lot easier if the student is keen.  In these days when far too many students are going off to university just for the sake of it, without prospect of getting an enhanced career at the end, the work experience could be made a lot more of now.  Many an appealing and excellent student has been wanted for a firm but regretably turns it down to go to uni, with all that future debt.  Walking into a plum job in my day was so much easier – far less barriers and side issues!