From High Chair To High School – Make Career Choices Early

When you have  youngsters in the house, especially a close mix of ages, the mid teens can bring a whole new range of challenges and problems.  They have their emotional side to deal with, all that anxiety over school exams for what seems like years of their life.  They are base line assessed as they start school at 4 and are continually tested and reassessed throughout.  When they get to those much heralded final school exams, you hope that they have a good idea of what the point is all about.  What will this amount of revision and personal learning practice has armed them with for life on the outside?  Well for a start, there’s university.  That requires them to have selected a useful set of exams through that previous period.  So they need to know what sort of career they’re heading for well before they even reach the second year of their upper school.  Pressure indeed.