Getting That Perfect Job With Ingenuity & Effort

There are some folk in this world who are born to succeed and there are others who fail miseably.  I know of a young chap who having been let down in career hopes went on to make super career out of sheer guts and persistance.  He completed a 4 years apprenticeship in an industry sponsored placement with a well known motor manufacturer.  After all the promises of everyone on the course being placed in work, this did not actually happen and he found there was no real prospect with them.   After the initial shock and great disappointment, he literally got on his bike and looked around the area at the many private companies he was already aware of through that posting.  He contacted two and both wanted to talk to him.  He was able to choose between the two companies and state his required pay and remuneration deal.  Now that is the best you can get in this fast paced career world