Keeping A Step Ahead With Career Choices

Knowing your way around the jobs and recruitment industry can be a worry for some younger folk.  They are coached throughout school life to get through exams – everything for the last few years has been geared to the school achieving the best possible Ofsted inspection results and this has skewed the curriculum choices open to youngsters, certainly at state schools.  This problem was screamingly obvious to we middle aged folk who were lucky enough to receive a very rounded education, fully inclusive of home economics, woodwork, metalwork, sport, music, humanities as well as the mainstays of English lit and language, maths and science.   The youngster today has to decide almost at kindergarten what they want to do when they leave school, so they can be put in the right lerning groups for the exams.  We pack far too many of them off to university – it has completely devalued the point of getting a degree.  Getting a career now needs careful thought and knowing how to be one step ahead of the other getting the same qualifications and degrees.