Kindly Carers Installed On Idyllic Isle

I have a very dear friend who lives on an island in the Med – a lovely sunny place.  They don’t have old peoples’ homes, or care homes as we now call them.  Until relatively recently it was down to the family to look after the older folk – the grans and grandads.  They were not parcelled off the a home, they lived in with the family and remained lively and useful until the end.  So the job of carer did not feature in anyone’s career list.  Now they employ ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ from Sri Lanka, Nepal, Phillippines, Mongolia etc. to live in with the old person and literally be 24 hour carer.  These staff are wonderful – very patient and they do much more than their job remit.  They have to be paid a specific amount per month and get board and logdings included.  Some families generously and wisely istall wifi in the house so the carer can speak to their families back home.  Mostly it is a very good situation.  They keep a little of their pay but generally send most of it back home to Sri Lanka or wherever.