Knowing One’s Schooling Route From Kindergarten

There are so many career options open to young folk these days.  It’s astonishing how things have changed in 40 or so years.  When I was taking my O levels, I wasn’t expected to go on to take A levels or go on to university.  The only students to do that had passed their 11 plus and gone to grammer school;  this offered entry to university but not quite as automatically as going to one of the many fee paying schools.   The doctors, surgeons, lawyers, judges of this world only ever came from the top stock public schools and the rest of us just had jobs.  We didn’t yearn for the skies.  The students leaving school today literally have the world at their feet.  They are encouraged from the very earliest days to take responsibility for their choices in subject – they need to have an idea what direction they’ll try to take and going to uni is almost obgligatory now.