Knowing Queens From Family & Chancery

For anyone going through upper school who thinks they would like a career in the judicial system, they will find a fantastic range of roles to consider.  Hoswever, knowing how the legal system works in this country will help formulate the career path at the start.  It’s amassive subject but to pick just one area and look at how that works can be useful and very interesting.  Take The HIgh Court for example.  This hears the more serious and complex civil (non criminal) and family cases at first instance.  There are three divisions and  these are known as queen’s bench,family and chancery.   Each of these has their own judicial ‘head’.  The queen’s bench and family are led by a presiedent whereas the chancery has Chancellor of the High Court – and this is definitely not to be confused with Lord Chancellor or Chancellor ot he Exchequer!

The queen’s bench is the biggest of these high court divisions and handles the most jurisdictions and specialist courts such as admiralty, commercial, mercantile, technology and construction – plus administrative courts.

There is plenty in that little lot to offer a budding solicitor or barrister who wants to specialise in High Court action.  And we have not even looked at the criminal side of things.