Legal Careers For Women Still Needs Improvement

The school exam results are coming out now and there has been some disquiet that for the fourth year running the success rate in the top grades of Scottish highers has dropped in number .  There are still a huge number of the very best grades but the tide is shifting a little.  Maybe the youngsters are not as inspired to work so hard, or perhaps the exams have been made more challenging and that is still working through the education system.   There is always that really exciting day in August when the youngsters have to drive in to school to collect their exam results en masse.  We had ours come in the post but anyway, it’s a very major day in the year.  These exam results seem ever more critical to the next stage in a student’s life – have they got the high grades they needed for that university place or will they be knocking on the clearing house door.  The jobs market is complex but it’s true to say there has never been a better time for young women to get their foot firmly on the legal career ladder.   The variety of jobs under the ‘legal services’ heading is amazing – from legal secretary, paralegal executive through to solicitor and then on to barristers.  These careers are very much open to everyone.