Many Interchangeable Careers Within The One

Career choices these days are somewhat more involved and exciting than when we used to answer lorry driver, nurse, poiceman, teacher, helicopter pilot .  Every major career will need a substantial amount of training alongside a dedicated degree course leading to a specific qualification.    Take policeman for example.  These days to get on the bottom rung of being part of the constabulary, it is recommended that at least a year of voluntary special constable duty is in place before applying for a full time police job.  A degree isusually also  needed.  Several stasges laters, once accepted as a police cstable, there are many specialisms available to take the career further than a beat officer or traffiuc ‘cop’.  Detective is a title we always associate with tv police dramas.  But they’re a a critical part of any police team.  The are responsible and manage the investigations of all,  particularly serious crime.    Within this comes the type of crime break down too.  Robbery, drugs, domestic abuse, child abuse.  Also here can be listed company fraud, cyber-crime, murder, firearms and counter intelligence.