Missed Apprenticeship So Back To School

I have been a member of a small gym ear my home for some weeks now.  Nothing flash and certainly not smart enough to attract the really serious body building type.  Most of the time one of the two owners is in situ and gives personal training advice when asked.  It’s all part of the fee.  Odd afternoons there is a student sitting in, just opening up and switching on the music & tv etc. she knows enough about each circuit machine to get someone trying it out but isn’t trained.  when I first started chatting to her she was awaiting her GCSEs and didn’t have any idea what she might have achieved.  Her main aim was to get an apprecenticeship in an office to learn all aspects of business administration.   She didn’t get a placement so has gone back to school, now in the 6th form and has chosen business studies, social studies and English.  Good choices.