Starting On The Career Rung Needs Guidance

Time was when young folk just went to school at 5 years old.  Very few children born in the 1950s went to nursery or playschool especially if Mum was at home.  Working Mums needing these daycare faciities were far far fewer.    After infants we went up to junior school and then senior school, be that Secondary Modern, Comprehensive or Grammar.   Whatever the school, the system was much the same with attendance expected at all time tabled lessons.   As we got through senior school, we did the little bit of homework handed out and then took the statutory examinations before it was decided if we were bright enough to stay on for the 6th form and do A levels.

Whether university calls or vocational courses at college, getting help with the first job is always a good idea.  Contacting career websites can gain plenty of different ideas and advice which isn’t always available from careers tutors.