Students Must Look For Warning Signs When Travelling

With so many young folk being able and desperately wanting to travel around the world as a final step between the end of university and when they need to settle down to work, there must be a thought comes in to their minds that a legal career in the world of travel and or insurance, could be a good idea!  I have been reading with sadness and slight irritation, the tale of a young graduate on her right of passage trip in Thailand – she is in a very bad way now through a swimming pool mishap.  At a student hotel, she dived into the pool without seeing the signs warning of no diving due to shallow depth.  She broke her neck.  Her very cheap travel insurance refused to entertain the claim, classing it as a risky activity, thus not covered.  There has been a huge public collection via social media to pay her hospital bills and get her transported to a specialist medical centre – hurrah for generous Britons.  Again!