Tailor Application To Suit Job – Not Vica Versa

This is such a very busy time of year for job hunters.  Employment before Christmas and New Year holds key to  success and confidence.  Obviously it is much more difficult to buy anything without sufficient funds and no one wants to let down family and friends – so the frantic buying on credit continues apace.   This is where a lot of planning and soul searching has to come in.  If you cannot get a job in the field you are trained or most experienced in, then it becomes necessary to look further afield at a similar job area but maybe with other responsibilities.  Making sure our training is as up to date for all posts is absolutely critical these days.   As companies streamline and recruit on the ‘just enough’ basis, it is important to ensure what we have to offer is exactly what the recruitment team requires – tailoring applications to suit the job rather than weeking a job to suit the application!