Thinking About A Legal Secrtarial Route

Career advice is not so forthcoming at school as it used to be.  There was a time when teachers would be allocated  the task of guiding their flock some useful direction when they were approaching the end of school exams.  In my day it wsn’t quite so imperative to know which exams to take to begin any career.   It’s sometimes difficult for a late developer to know at 13 what they’ll possibly want to do for the 45 or 50 working years of their life ahead after university.  It is however a really good idea to talk to the schools advisor about possible careers – so that a young person has some idea which university could be a better choice than another.   It may well be that a secretarial candidate doesn’t want to go to uni at all but would like to work as a legal secretary and there are soe excellent institutes that will provide courses to facilitate this career move.  They also help with personal and career development and furthering opportunities.  A legal secrtary in London will earn ten times the salary achievable elsewhere in the country, so well worth considering.