Trial By Ordeal No Longer Affects Law Careers

One of the more interesting parts of a job in the legal system can be dealing with fraud and having to check into the activity of claimants in cases brought before a court.  These roles are very rarely advertised but are essential to the safe running of a case – if the judge is provided incorrect information, a case will fall apart at great expense to the public purse.   Of course if we were still in the dark ages, at the very beginning of our legal system, liars and suspected felons would have very little access to a fair trial.  It would be a case of trial by ordeal – a sentence handed down usually by the local lord or his steward.   An accused person would have to say ppick up a red hot bar of iron or pluck a stone out of acauldron of boiling water.  If the person succeeded and their hand showed signs of healing within a set period, they were considered innocent as God must be on their side. No one seems to have registered the number of not guilty outcomes!