True Grit, Imagination & Planning For Top Career

I’m absolutely amazed at the number of bright young folk who happily working in restaurants and bars when I go travelling – most of them are students or post graduants, who having completed their university degree courses, are decidiing how best to use that knowledge and qualification.  But never quite getting the job of their original dreams.   It’s very easy to get into the travelling and itinerant habit if you don’t set targets for achieving this milestone or that. having got to know a young chap who knew even at school what he did not want to do – work for a large company as just a small cog in a bit wheel.  He definitely wanted to run his own business and has taken training for all the things he wants to achieve.  In a very short time he has done some marvellous things and it is simply because he focused his ideas fully when at school.   Imagination, planning, sorting out what training is needed and how to get on the first ladder of a chosen career or business venture is all it takes….. and gritty determination.