TV Dramas Inspire Many A Legal Career

The nearest most of us get to a legal career is probably seeking the assistance of a solicitor during a house purchase. . .  Unless someone in the family decides to sit law exams and actually pursue a legal career, then it’s not an area often discussed outside the regular episodes of soap operas and crime dramas.   I was looking through the tv listings this weekend and saw an old favourite was going to be featured on ‘catch up’.  This series was first aired from late ’70s and featured  an bit of a maverick barrister based at the Old Bailey – he was always defending criminals and of course, being a tv show, these criminals were lovable rogues and not the murdering scum that actually frequent the top criminal court in the land!   The programme was very popular and it must have inspired many a student to look into career possibilities – in the hope of having the wonderful ‘Enry as their clerk of the chambers.