Volunteer Leader Employed From Well Placed Advert

Whilst I was looking up the website of a local country house, my eye lit upon Vacancies.  After a small number of catering and seasonal posts listed for this year’s summer openings, there were a couple of more serious, meaty roles.   I was particularly interested in the Event Leader and Volunteer Organiser.  This ad was old – from last winter when the house’s trust was ready to start recruiting for the opening of the newly refurbished and ‘below stairs’ experience.  This is the servants’ working area and a couple of footmens’ bedrooms and the original laundry.  Well I now work with the young lass that got the advertised post and she is such a credit to the industry – so bright, enthusiastic, very kind to her gaggle of much older volunteers like me.   The advertisement serves as a sterling example of how a good campgain will get the right person for the job.