Youthful Exuberance Is Refreshing & Rewarding

Gosh how time flies.  It seems no time at all since some of the youngest in my extended family were just toddling around noisily.  This time last week I was at a family party with the very same youngsters and they were happily chirping about the choices for the GCSEs and the elder of the two was really thrilled that she had been accepted on to a special course for psychology a year earler – she was doing arts mainly, so this subject had to be negotiated by   writing to the school to put her case as to how she thought this subject would add to her knowledge and more importantly, what she thought she could bring to the subject and course lessons.  She evidently put a good case as she was accepted and is doing a fantastic selection of subjects.  Just what is needed to start a good lifetime of work out there after university!